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School website design, responsive websites.
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At schoolsites we build high quality, responsive websites for schools, colleges, universities, crèches and other educational services around the country. When you choose you know you are guaranteed to be working with high quality web designers who deal with schools and their needs on a daily basis. We offer high quality school websites that are built with modern school website technology in mind.


We specialise in educational websites and software to help your school or educational service run more smoothly and more efficiently. We value customers and try to focus on customer service at every turn.


At schoolsites we know that technology is changing. The Internet and Internet-friendly devices are becoming much more easily accessed even by the youngest of children. We are working on a pamphlet to help teachers and parents teach their children and students how to use the Internet in a safe way and a manner that promotes a child or student's right to privacy. This pamphlet will be given out free to all our current and previous clients. Find out more here


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