Internet security and privacy

6th of July 2017

A huge amount of children use mobile phones and tablets today. They use them to communicate with friends, share information, connect with family members and also to learn about the world around them. 

We are at the dawn of a new age in technology and these types of computers (yes, computers) will be the future basis for this new technological revolution. It is now easier than ever for children to get their hands on devices and get onto the internet. This simply didn't happen 5 - 10 years ago. Yet, nowadays, a parents phone could be a child's first introduction to technology and the internet and, what's worse, they could still be in nappies. They find it easy to work out how to use devices but internet security and privacy are the last thing on their minds. It is important that children learn about security and privacy on the internet when using their phones, tablets, laptops and other types of computers. 

We will soon be offering a free guide about computer security and privacy to new and current clients. This will allow teachers and parents to teach their children how to stay safe on the internet. Our children are thought how to stay safe when crossing the road, but they aren't thought about how to stay safe on devices that are in their homes and at their finger tips 24 hours per day. Internet security for children is more imporant than ever before. So teach your children to be safe and get the correct information from the right sources. Then you can be happy in the knowledge that your children are safe and secure when using the internet.

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